Hand Toss Version 2.7 – Arrow World Now Available

Version 2.7 brings in a lot of suggested updates from the community and of course 16 new unique levels to play.

The most recent world introduces arrows into the mix. Arrows are skinny, so they can fit through small passageways and reach problematic areas. They also double as an extension to the already existing world. You can shoot an arrow into the ground to block a passage, or shoot it at an angle to create a ramp. With a new world also comes new ball styles. You can expect to see a candy piece, a pizza, and a beach ball.

More animations were added as suggested by a community member. When completing a level it now feels more exciting, suspenseful, and less rushed as your level score is calculated and shown to you one star at at a time. Speaking of which, stars will now be given a better value. Before with 90% of the levels you would receive either two or three stars on completion. Now every level has the possibility of receiving one star.

Scoring is one to three stars, based on how quickly you complete the level. When you reach certain cumulative star counts, additional ball styles become available. Styles include a pumpkin, 8-ball, doughnut and more.

Pinch to zoom is here! The player can now pinch or double tap the bottom of the screen to adjust the visible area. This is especially helpful for the PC version where you almost were tossing blindly for every level.

Version 2.7 of Hand Toss should drop within the next few day, so be on the look out! This update featured a lot of community updates, many of which were not mentioned in the post just because they were minor changes, but were still much appreciated. I welcome all feedback, so feel free to share your opinions.

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