Hand Toss Version 2.6 – Improved Aesthetics

The majority of this update can be summarized by the title and this gif, so we’ll keep this short.

Hand Toss goes underground! Instead of randomly stacking dirt blocks into the sky and having the player drop things onto those floating levels, what if it was underground instead? The player will now drop balls into the monster’s underground nest. The game will still play the same, there’s just more logic to why you are doing what you do. A background layer was added and blocks will appear to be darker the further away from an edge they are, simulating a shadow depth.

Living it up! Flowers that blow in the wind were added at the top of most of the levels to add more activity to the scene. Each level also now has a hidden easter egg in it, buried treasure! Find them all if you want, or not.

There’s now a subtle trail that appears after the ball/helper objects the faster it moves. Again, check out the gif to the side and you’ll know.


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