Hand Toss Version 2.5 – Free Guides

Version 2.5 of Hand Toss has launched and it should be readily available to everyone shortly. With this update comes the ability to earn guides with a few seconds of your attention.

With the previous update, guides were introduced. People were getting frustrated because some levels appeared to be too difficult at first and no clear way of completing them. After failing a level too many times people will naturally just give up and call it quits. Hence guides were created. Guides will give you a step by step guide that will show you how to finish the level and achieve 3 stars.

People are still rage quitting and that’s understandable. When I first introduced guides the only way to get them was through In-App purchasing. I didn’t want give the player an guide for watching an Ad, because it’ll lower value of a “Life”. Lives act as an undo, if you make a mistake on a larger level instead of restarting the whole thing you’ll just go back a turn. The player can watch an Ad and receive 2 lives, which is a 20 cent value.  While guides hold a 50 cent value for each.  On a more difficult level a player may use several lives to complete it. For this an example, let’s say 5. A player would have watched 3 ads to complete that level, but if they got a guide for watching 1 Ad odds are they wouldn’t have any need to use any lives.

That being said.. I don’t want this to feel like a pay to win game. So the player can now watch two ads in a row and receive 1 guide in return. It’s still a bit under valued, but whatever it takes to defeat the epidemic known as rage quitting.


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