Hand Toss Version 2.0 Released

Version 2 of Hand Toss has finally launched. Along with it comes a heap of updates. Shall we get started?

Let’s talk about the most noticeable change, the graphics overhaul. When I first started making Hand Toss, I was aiming for a more simple almost digital look. As I started adding more features, such as “ball collectibles” it started to become more clear that the simple look will no longer work with what I was trying to achieve. If you subscribe the innovation and gameplay vs graphics debate, you’ll know people often give gameplay the crown, but graphics are also very important. Graphics are good for first impressions, which we all know to be important. Came for the graphics, stayed for the gameplay.

I took about 3 months off from this project and came back with fresh eyes. The first thing I noticed was it didn’t really feel like a game. Sure it offered a unique experience and interesting puzzles to solve, but it felt same as calling sudoku a game, it was more like an engaging task. So I sat down and thought long and hard about how could I make this feel more like a game. From there I created a huge list of updates, which became known as version 2.0. The game needed to revolve around a simple scenario that could be explained with only a few words. “Monsters have invaded your lands, squash them all before they have time to build their nest“. The graphics overhaul was needed to achieve this new scenario. I added the timer to give the player a sense urgency and created enemies to give the player a sense accomplishment when they completed the level.

I got a lot of feedback about levels being too difficult, so I made a slew of changes to almost every single level. To avoid rage quitting, guides were also introduced in this build. Stuck on a level? Use a guide to help you complete levels. You will see a step by step guide that will show you how to achieve 3 stars.

Upcoming updates will include new worlds and ball collectibles. Each update will add 16 more levels and 2 more balls. Any feedback will be appreciated, feel free to share opinions and ideas.

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