• Hand Toss Version 2.7 – Arrow World Now Available
    In Games
    Version 2.7 brings in a lot of suggested updates from the community and of course 16 new unique levels to play. The most recent world introduces arrows into the mix. Arrows are skinny, so they can fit ...
  • Hand Toss Version 2.6 – Improved Aesthetics
    In Games
    The majority of this update can be summarized by the title and this gif, so we’ll keep this short. Hand Toss goes underground! Instead of randomly stacking dirt blocks into the sky and having the ...
  • Hand Toss Version 2.5 – Free Guides
    In Games, Hand Toss
    Version 2.5 of Hand Toss has launched and it should be readily available to everyone shortly. With this update comes the ability to earn guides with a few seconds of your attention. With the previous ...
  • Hand Toss Version 2.0 Released
    In Games, Hand Toss
    Version 2 of Hand Toss has finally launched. Along with it comes a heap of updates. Shall we get started? Let’s talk about the most noticeable change, the graphics overhaul. When I first started ...

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